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Hair straighteners - Specialist in professional and home care hair treatments
Hair straightening treatments - Specialist in professional and home care hair treatments
Skin Care - Specialist in professional and home care hair treatments
Keratine treatment  - Specialist in professional and home care hair treatments
Sale -  - Specialist in professional and home care hair treatments
Business accounts - Specialist in professional and home care hair treatments




Hair Pro Direct: About Us

Exception hair products for exceptional prices

Hair Pro Direct is a leading supplier of essential hair products to help you maintain and enrich your hair's natural beauty. We know from our long-standing experience that each and every one of us has different needs for our hair so we have sourced the very best products to keep you looking fabulous at all times.

You don’t have to settle for less with Hair Pro Direct as we work closely with some of the beauty industries leading brands to deliver great products at unbelievable prices. Whatever type of hair you have, we stock everything you’ll need to keep your hair in tip-top condition.

We are proud of our excellent customer service and support for when you need assistance and our continually expanding range of healthy and organic beauty products. Make sure to check our blog for regular hints and tips on the latest hair beauty trends.

What hair products do we offer?

Check out our wonderful range of hair masks that are designed to nourish and enrich hair, hide damage and accentuate beautiful facial features. Many are proven to restore nutrients needed for healthy growth, moisturising your hair without leaving it clunky and heavy. These masks can be applied quickly or left overnight depending on your busy schedule.

If you are worried about particularly damaged hair, we supply a range of intense repair oils, sprays and serums to help your hair get its mojo back. Many of these products are no-rinse, leave-in treatments and can be applied directly to the scalp and are great at stimulating hair growth and improving overall scalp health.

Bored and annoyed by curly, frizzy hair? HairPro Direct stock a wealth of solutions to help get rid of the frizz and give your hair some much-needed volume. For people with varying hair colours, there’s something on offer for everyone. Try the popular and truly transformative Keratin treatments. Or, if you are more comfortable with the more familiar hair straighteners then we’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget to take a look at our extensive range of accessories for all your beauty needs. We’ve got all the high-quality hair dryers, shavers and clippers you’ll need to reinvent your hair and yourself. Give yourself some bounce with these accessories and be bold in the statement you make with your hair.

We also stock other non-hair related beauty products, just in case you need to pick up some other things while you’re at our store. We also stock items for skin care, foot care and a choice of epilators, making HairPro Direct your one-stop shop for all your health and beauty needs.


Our Values

We believe in creating the best customer experience. Stocking leading hair products to suit the needs of damaged and mal-nourished hair is just a small part of what we do. Working closely with these well-known brands, here at HairPro Direct we know what makes beautiful hair and how important it is to maintain healthy, shiny and strong hair.

It is easy to pass on the opportunity to repair and restore our hair to it’s natural beauty. It can be time-consuming, especially in our ever increasingly busy day to day lives. Thankfully, we’ve made sure to stock items that are easy to use, quick to apply and quick to remove.

We've also made sure that our products come from the most trusted and well-established brands in the beauty market. Partnering with leading brands such as Bauer, Brae, Full Circle and Onyliss, HairPro Direct are proud and passionate about great self-care products.

All of our products are independently inspected and tested before being put on sale to ensure they conform to all relevant safety standards and regulations. This applies to all products from our selection of Keratin treatments to our selection of shampoos, oils and masks.