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Eternity Liss Keratin Treatments

Eternity Liss
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Eternity Liss Keratin Treatments

Most specialists list these keratin-based treatments as the latest trend in hair care, for any kind of texture, from the straight to the very crisp.

Women who have tried such treatments consider them a real miracle, especially as a result of hair styling and care becomes much easier. Still, some less flattering opinions have slipped, especially because some companies have first promoted products containing formaldehyde, a chemical compound that, despite being found in the human body and used in the production sports equipment, medicines, food, footwear, car parts, paper or textiles, is still quite disputed.

There are several types of treatments with keratin, so you have to choose the one suitable for your hair to enjoy the beneficial effects of it.

What is keratin treatment?

Also known as Brazilian treatment, treatment with keratin is a semi-permanent treatment that makes your hair softer, stronger, brighter and healthier. It is also used for the ability to straighten the hair very shiny.

The treatment is composed of different types of substances such as balm, formaldehyde, without which the procedure of obtaining it would be impossible and the keratin - the protein from which the hair is made and which is the main factor in the treatment of hair strength.

The effects of straightening the corrugations are not permanent. It lasts up to 6 months and only "softens" the loops, without offering a perfectly stretched hair.This treatment is ideal for people whose hair is electrifying and has a rebellious look, being hard to care for and arranged. and for the ability to improve hair health for a long time.

The treatment is composed of different types of substances such as balm, formaldehyde, without which the procedure of obtaining it would be impossible and the keratin - the protein from which the hair is made and which is the main factor in the treatment of hair strength.

Products with keratin for frequent use

You should know that keratin treatments usually have an effect between 3 and 6 months, depending on their type. However, if you get used to washing your hair daily, its effects can be shortened over a period of about a month. It is also good to use suitable shampoos and conditioners in the next period. All your stylist can advise you on the products that best fit your hair. Apart from the actual treatments, there is a fairly wide range of care products containing keratin. Most of the time, they are recommended during the treatment period.

But not only! Regularly used shampoos and balsams with keratin have the same beneficial effects as treatment, just to a lesser extent. In addition, if your hair does not require a strong treatment, but you still feel that its health is not ideal, and the look is desirable, it is best to rely on a shampoo, conditioner, serum or mask keratin, as they contain a lower dose of active substances, repairing your hair. The same is true if you get used to fading and your hair is too damaged to undergo a strong treatment.

One of the product types that you should not miss out of the care arsenal is the hair mask that has the role of covering the follicle and giving it the nutrients it needs, protecting it from environmental aggressive factors, balancing the pH and improving the state of the split yarns, leaving you pleased and shiny. And whoever has the hair can enjoy the beneficial effects of these treatments, just having to choose a product that will benefit the suits.

Considering the large number of products on the market, how do you know the best hair mask for your needs? An answer may be choosing the right assortment by following some of the information presented in the following rows.

Hair type: The first thing you'll probably look at is the type of follicle that addresses the product, here choosing between options for dry, thin, tart, fat, desert, or dyed.

Textures: The most common hair masks, at good prices, are creamy and do not flow, allowing for a clean and clean application that works intensely on the yarn, as the microparticles will adhere better and will penetrate deeply into the follicle axis to give it vitality. These are usually found in any store, most often used after washing.

Ingredients: Reading the label will relieve you of many problems, as you will discover what ingredients will help with the follicles and which are to be avoided.

Application type: It differs from one product to another but is specified on the label. Most will have a quick and practical use, after washing your hair by rubbing the cream for a few minutes, placing a special emphasis on peaks where the damage is higher, then rinsing.

In conclusion, if you have some information at your fingertips and read the labels or descriptions of the products you are looking for, you will find really useful assortments. And to give you a boost, we also offer you some representative options for people's preferences.