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Hair Straighteners

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Hair Straighteners

The hair straightener is one of the devices that is not missing from the arsenal of any woman, whether she has already straight hair, she is curly or curly.

These versatile devices have evolved so much in recent years that it's impossible not to find the right one for you, even if you have fine and damaged hair or have thick and creamy hair. Just because there are so many models available on the market to choose a hair straightener can be difficult, especially if you do not know how to appreciate the differences between them. Here are the aspects you should consider in order to make the best choice:

Plate types

The first thing to keep in mind is the material from which the two plates are heated. There are plates of glass, metal, ceramic, titanium have tourmaline, and the price of the appliance is usually determined by materials used in manufacturing.

The latest innovation in the field of hair straighteners is the manufacture of tourmaline plates, a heat-reacting element that is loaded with negative ions. They help straighten your hair faster, which means that your strands will stay less heat exposed. Tourmaline also works well on hair with split hair as it closes the hair cuticles and helps you get better results without your strands degrading from heat contact. The tourmaline hair plates eliminate static energy, so your hair will not electrify. And if you choose a hair plate like this, with brighter ion treatment or keratin injection, to prevent hair splitting, the result will be a much more spectacular than you are accustomed to.

Metal or glass plates are cheaper, but this is also reflected in their quality. They heat up harder and unequally, they are covered with a layer of paint that can be damaged in time and can break or clutter your hair and does not protect your strands just as well, which means your hair can get a rough look, more chosen in the area of the peaks.

Ceramic plates are very commonly used in the manufacture of hair straighteners, and their advantage is that they heat evenly over the entire surface, making hair easier and more efficient without degrading it as hard. The appearance of your strands will be a glossy and silky, even if you tend to straighten your hair frequently.

Titanium plates are the best in the market, being durable and lightweight. They heat evenly over the entire surface and keep the heat warmer, so you will not have to hit the plate twice on the same hairline.

Temperature adjustment

Each type of hair is different and needs a different temperature to straighten without damaging it. For example, if your hair is painted and degraded, the optimal straightening temperature is 180 degrees Celsius. But a thick or very thick hair will need a higher temperature of 190-210 degrees Celsius. Optimal temperature is also set according to the purpose you use the board. If you want to straighten your hair immediately after you wash it, you will need to use the plate at a higher temperature, but if you just want to coat a few strands and use the strictly maintenance plate, then a 180 degree Celsius temperature is sufficient to achieve the desired result.

The dimensions of the hair straightener

You have probably noticed that there are also narrower, and some wider plates. Each of them is suitable for a certain type of hair. For example, if you have short hair, you need a narrower plate, 2.5-4 cm wide. They are also suitable if your hair is already right. But if you have long or very thick hair, a wider plate, 5-7 cm, will help you straighten your strands faster and more efficiently.

Having all of the tips and features above, all you have to do is look for the product that suits your needs.