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Hair straightening products

Hair Straightening: What Are My Options?

Does your hair have a mind of its own? Are you sick of your curly locks getting in the way? Hair Pro Direct has several methods to taming your locks and giving you beautiful, healthy and straight hair, for the short or the long term.

What is hair straightening?

Not all hair is as straight as straw! Many men and women of various ethnicities look for methods to change the texture of their hair. Hair straightening involves changing the structure of hair from a wavy or curly texture to a straight and smooth texture.

Hair straightening can be done with heat, as with hot combs, flat irons (hair irons), blow dryers, curlers and hair straightening brushes. Chemical methods, sometimes called "relaxers" are also used to straighten hair. These chemicals are directly applied to the hair follicles. By breaking down bonds in the hair, the follicles are reconstructed and then form a more straight appearance.

History of hair straightening

People have been altering the texture of their hair for centuries. Whether from straight to curly, curly to straight, crimping or anything in between, there is sure to be a tool to help men and women tame their locks.

Hair straightening became popular in the late 19th century, especially among African-Caribbean textured hair. The first hot comb was invented in France, where it was used for to straighten women with coarse hair. Flat irons became popular in the beginning of the 20th century, first in the United States and then to the United Kingdom and the rest of continental Europe. Men and women from all backgrounds began using these devices to straighten and control their hair.

Chemical treatments became popular in the early 20th century, especially in the African-American communities. Earlier treatments included highly acidic chemicals, such as lye, which breaks down the hair and reforms its components. Lye is still used today, albeit to a lesser degree. This is often referred to as a hair relaxing treatment. This treatment does not completely straighten hair, but instead relaxes tight or kinky curls.

Brazilian keratin treatments surged in popularity in the late 1990s, with people of all different ethnicities flocking to salons to make their hair stick-straight. Brazilian keratin treatments involves applying a chemical solution to hair, and then sealing it with a flat iron to release the straightening chemicals. Clients that use this method cannot wash their hair for three days, to ensure that the treatment is effective. They must then use a sulfate-free shampoo that will not wash away the keratin treatment.

What is your range of chemical hair straightening treatments?

At Hair ProDirect, there are several types of treatments to tame your unruly locks. There are several world-renowned brands that can help you. Inaor is a Brazilian company and is a leader in the blowout sector. Some of their best known products are Brazilian Afro Keratin and Moroccan Keratin Hair Straightening.

G.Hair is another popular option, with several varieties of keratin treatments, depending on the colour of hair, for example, the G.Hair Perfect Blonde Keratin Treatment. G.Hair also has several treatments that help hair stay healthy after keratin treatments. Hair masks, deep hydration kits and anti-breakage treatments from G.Hair are also recommended to keep your hair healthy after straightening your hair.

Other popular brands available include Perola, Ony Liss, Eternity Liss and BK Excellence. There are shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, deep conditioning, keratin treatments and more. Save time and buy the complete keratin treatments, from start to finish, pre-treatment to post-treatment. Our speciality is keeping your hair healthy and giving you a boost of confidence!

What if I don't want to chemically treat my hair?

No problem! Chemical treatment is not necessary to have straight hair, but bear in mind that doing it yourself will take more time, as you need to do it every day.

Before chemicals were around to aid in straightening hair, there were plenty of other options - and many still exist today! The hot comb days may be (mostly) over, but there are now new and modern devices that can help your hair be straight and sleek. You probably already know what a hair iron or flat iron is. This device squeezes your hair between two hot pieces of metal or ceramic and instantly straightens your hair as you pull the straightener down the hair strands. Flat irons are an effective and affordable way to transform your curly or wavy hair into silky strands. There are flat irons irons, ceramic hair straightening brushes and hot brush stylers available at very fair prices.

The advantages of using these devices is that they are a good alternative to chemical treatments and are very portable.

What is keratin?

Naturally-occurring, keratin is a protein normally found in hair, skin and nails. This fibrous protein acts as a protective protein, guarding against damage from the environment—sun, humidity and the general day-to-day activities. Keratin is a common ingredient in hair treatment products because of its natural protective properties.

Keratin gives hair its strength and is important in keeping hair strands healthy and protected against damage. Hair can be damaged from overuse of chemicals and general environmental damage. When hair strands are treated with keratin-infused treatments, they are given a new coat of protection and strength.

Can hair straightening damage my hair?

The short answer is: yes. Overuse of any treatment on your hair, whether from chemicals or heat, will cause damage to your hair. It's worth noting, however, that daily life in cities can also be damaging to your hair - but you can't stay home all the time!

The long answer is: no, if you make sure to take good care of your hair. Taking care of your hair means regularly going to the salon to get the ends trimmed, as to avoid split ends. This also means treating it with a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis, at least once per month. And finally, this means giving your hair a break from straightening every now and again. This helps your hair stay healthy and gives it some time to be in its natural state. Perfect for a lazy Sunday under the covers!