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  1. black_friday Inoar Divine Curls Conditioner - 250ml INO272
    Inoar Divine Curls Conditioner - 250ml
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  2. black_friday Inoar Divine Curls Shampoo - 250ml INO271
    Inoar Divine Curls Shampoo - 250ml
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  3. black_friday Inoar Macadamia Brazilian Hair Mask (1kg) B00BZXTVQK
    Inoar Macadamia Brazilian Hair Mask (1kg)
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Inoar Cosmetics is a Brazilian manufacturer providing professional and home care hair products. Founded in 2000, it is the first brand to introduce the Moroccan Keratin Treatment in the global market. Innovative techniques and intense quality control established Inoar Professional as Brazil’s hair straightening pioneer.

Inoar Cosmetics is one of the leading brands in delivering premium hair care treatments for many hair types.

Founded in 2002, Inoar have created a name for marrying exotic raw materials, natural ingredients and high technology to create exciting products.

Inoar is the brand that made argan oil affordable in Brazil, which, even today, is one of the best-selling hair care products on the market.

Whether it’s the macadamia masks, or any other restorative hair treatments, Inoar products are amongst the most sought-after, and provide effective treatment for damaged hair.

Learn more about the Inoar brand and experience the results first-hand.


Complete Treatment Kits

Inoar Complete Treatment Kits recover damaged or dried out hairs. Check out the Inoar Hair Care Kits.


Inoar Shampoo

Inoar offer salt-free, neutral and sulphate-free shampoos for all hair types, including dry and chemically-treated hair. Using natural ingredients and advanced technology, Inoar Shampoo replenishes and maintains healthy hair and scalp.


Inoar Conditioner

Inoar Conditioner revitalises dry, damaged or chemically-treated hair. Check out the complete line to nourish and protect your hair effortlessly today.


Inoar Treatment

Check out the Inoar Treatments for dry, damaged or chemically damaged hair. The Inoar Hair Treatment replenishes nutrients, strengthens roots and hydrates the hair and scalp intensely. 


Inoar Finisher

Inoar Finishers protect hair throughout the day. Gain soft, healthy, beautiful hair in not time with Inoar Finishers.


Inoar Divine Curls

Inoar Divine Curls is a treatment line with curly and wavy hair in mind. The Inoar Divine Curls line moisturises, strengthens and maintains perfect, controllable waves and curls, even into the following day. 

Inoar Argan Oil System

Inoar Argan Oil System works well at taming unruly and bulky hair. Utilising argan oil’s restorative properties, Inoar’s Argan Oil System leaves hair shiny and soft to touch.


Inoar Doctor

Inoar Doctor is the complete recovery line for damaged hair craving hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. There is no better line of hair treatment for restoring health to hair.


Inoar Help

Inoar Help hydrates dry, frizzy, chemically-damaged and chapped hair, whilst returning hair to its smoothest, shiniest state.


Inoar Flowers

Inoar Flowers is a smooth moisturising line for all types of hair, damaged or not. Now you can enhance the hair’s body and incite healthy growth with a lovely scented finish.


Inoar Absolut DayMoist CLR

Inoar Absolut DayMoist CLR recovers dry, damaged or chemically-treated hair. This line restores softness, shine and controllability to your hair.


Inoar Absolut Speed ​​Blond

For naturally discoloured blonde hair or chemically-coloured hair, Inoar Absolut Speed Blond provides incredible colour, as well infusing special pigments and antioxidants to produce softer, stronger hair.

Inoar Hair Treatment

Inoar Hair Treatment is a reconstructive solution offering straightening properties for all hair types, as well as damaged or chemically-treated hair. Using a formula that includes keratin, Inoar Hair Treatment leaves hair strong and soft whilst reducing its volume.


Inoar Post Progress

Inoar Post Progress is the ideal line for maintaining difficult hair. Restoring nutrients and hydration lost with the use of chemical treatments, the Inoar Post Progress line keeps hair stronger for longer without affecting the hair’s natural movement.


Inoar Macadamia Oil Premium

The Inoar Macadamia Oil Premium line is an intensive reparative system with moisturising agents for fine dry, damaged, smooth or curly hair. Containing a powerful nourishing action, Inoar Macadamia Oil instils softness and shine to complex hair.


Inoar Mask

Inoar mask is the line with the renowned black hydration masks for dry or damaged hair. It also works with unaffected, thin or thick hair types, restoring the hair’s softest, sleekest condition.


Inoar Ginger Fresh Ginger

Inoar Ginger Fresh is an emulsifying line for oily hair. Using a revitalising action, Inoar Ginger fresh leaves hair soft and frizz-free all day.


Inoar BB Cream Hair

Inoar BB Cream is the first blemish balm cream hair treatment. Utilising its moisturising and anti-ageing benefits, this hair line will boost your hair’s look and feel, day after day.


Inoar Herbal Solution

Inoar Herbal Solution is the most natural, neutral hair care line in the entire family. With its delicate formula, Inoar Herbal Solution purifies, cleanses and intensifies all types of hair with results to be proud of.


Inoar Brazilian Afro Keratin

Inoar Brazilian Afro Keratin is an effective volume reduction treatment for Afro hair with tight curls. This line can keep hair straighter and more controllable for up to 3 months without causing damage.


Inoar Extreme Premium

Inoar Extreme Premium is the reconstructive line for porous or rough hair. When nothing else works out, count on Inoar Extreme Premium to provide capillary lift and deep hydration solutions.


Inoar Photoshop

Want that front cover of a magazine look? Inoar Photoshop hydrates, softens and produces an intense glow that will have you looking, and feeling, like a celebrity. Combining a sulphate-free formula with parabens, this intense line takes care of hair, both outside and in.


Inoar Bombar

Inoar Bombar is the secret to a strong and healthy head of hair. This line is enriched with vitamins that stimulate the development of soft, shiny, resistant hair that can combat the potential for chemical damage or breakage.