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How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy in Winter?

How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy in Winter?

Winter can be tough on your hair. Prolonged exposure to cold low temperatures, harsh winds, and heavy rain may leave your locks weak and dehydrated. 

So, what can you do to rejuvenate your hair and keep it at its best during the coldest months of the year?

Go Easy on the Dye

Tempted to reach for the bleach or dye to revitalize your hair during winter? 

Be careful: a bad colour treatment on your hair could lead to adverse effects. Overusing products containing harsh chemicals can cause your hair to become weak and more prone to breakage, especially if you try a drastic treatment by yourself. 

Instead, leave complicated dye jobs to professional stylists and use shampoos designed to keep the colour popping. 

Wash in Cool Water

Resist the urge to shower in hot water every day — too much of it can strip valuable moisture from the hair. Set the temperature to a comfortable lukewarm level instead to help your hair stay hydrated and healthy.

Condition, Condition, Condition

Conditioning your hair means staying in the shower or bath for longer, and you may be eager to get back into your robe as soon as possible on cold days. But regular conditioning is crucial for healthy hair in winter. 

Why? Because it replenishes moisture and nourishes your hair. That’s especially important when radiators and strong, cold winds can dry the hair out. Fortunately, there are some amazing conditioners out there: take the time to find one that suits your hair type and colour best. 

Cut Back on the Heat

Your hair could become excessively dry and brittle if you rely on heated styling tools too much. Use a hair straightening treatment to cultivate glossier, sleeker hair, and apply products designed to protect hair during heat-based treatments

Protect Your Hair with Hats 

This is probably the simplest tip on this list: wear a hat when you go outside to protect your hair against cold, windy weather. Wash or change your hats regularly, though, to keep things hygienic. 

Dry Your Hair Before You Go Outside 

You might not always have time to dry your hair before you venture out on a chilly morning. But drying thoroughly is important for healthy hair in winter. Wet hair is more susceptible to harm than dry hair: it could become frozen and break. 

Ideally, leave your hair to air dry. But if you can’t find time for that, apply a heat-protection product and use a hair dryer instead. 

Trim Your Hair Regularly 

You may be less inclined to visit a salon during winter, especially if you rely on hats, but keep up with your usual cutting routine. Trims reduce your risk of developing split ends and help your hair stay healthy. 

Fancy trying to trim your own hair? Follow this simple guide to cutting layers at home.

Keep these tips in mind to maintain healthy hair this winter. And if you want to find the latest hair care products from top brands, check out our huge collection!

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