Since you were little, you were taught that girls have pretty, long hair. As you grow up, you may or may not keep the long hair with all the styles and trending hairstyles, but ‘pretty’ is something you want your hair to be. And of course, this translates into soft, strong, healthy hair.

Giving that you can find so much information; it might become a little bit confusing. So we thought it would be very helpful to have at hand all you need to know about healthy hair and hair care treatments so that frizziness, hair loss or split ends are an issue of the past.

Protect your hair

It’s very important that you protect your hair from sun, wind and rain. Staying in the sun for too long, too much heat or pollution may add up to already existent hair woes, which may dry up your scalp. The solution for this is to cover your hair with a hat or an umbrella.

How to deal with wet hair

Wet hair is rather fragile and can break easily so you might want to use a softer shampoo that will not be very harsh to your hair. Also, you might not want to brush just right after the shower and it can cause even more breakage.


No one likes frizzy hair, that’s for sure. So the solution to this is to use a moisturizing conditioner after every wash. Never to be missed-off! Also, it needs to be done right. Conditioners are not meant for the scalp. So start about 2 inches away from it. If you put too much conditioner on the scalp the result will be an excessive of oil.

For better results, we strongly encourage you to use the same line shampoo and a conditioner. They have similar formulas and usually made for a particular hair type or purpose.

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Heat on hair

We know that silk, straight hair or glamorous big curls are very IN right now; however using the iron or curl doesn’t do very much good to your hair. Heat can strip the moisture out of your hair, which can lead to dryness. Even more, if overused it can actually burn your hair.

Hair ties

The better option to replace hair ties are scrunchies with cloth around them. Using a tight hair tie might cause a higher level of friction and afterwards, breakage.

Going to bed

If don’t yet have a hairstyle for when going to bed, then you will be surprised to find out that you should! Leaving your hair open will create knots so in the morning you will most likely start pulling and brushing, so a loose braid would be the solution to avoid all the hassle. And if we are on the sleeping subject, choosing satin pillow covers over any other fabrics is better as it reduces friction. As compared to cotton, for example, silk is less rough.

Dry safe

Rubbing your hair for a faster dry might work, however the amount of hair that breaks and falls is almost double. You might want to take your time on this and if you aren’t in any rush, pat drying your hair would be the better option

Oil frequently

Oils are very good for the scalp and good for your hair. But you don’t need to over it. Use as often as you can, but mind the quantity on a single use, as dripping oil from your hair means you will need to use shampoo to get it off and that means that your natural oils will be cleansed along with it.

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Hair masks

What is more important that using a hair mask is using the right hair mask for your type of hair. As hair needs may vary, not using the one to cover yours may lead to aggravating your problem even more

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Cold water is good for you

You will be surprised to find out that hot water may damage the hair in the same way heat styling can. If you can, use cold water to wash your hair. And by cold, we don’t really mean freezing cold, but room temperature, if possible.


Brushing spread the natural oils through-out your hair, so it’s good to brush. However, like any other thing, overdoing it will do more harm than good. Also, try to avoid plastic brushes as they cause more breakages.

Food counts

Healthy mind, healthy body, right? Well, your health on the inside can actually be visible on your hair. If you are really want a healthy, good-looking hair, then eating right is one of the things we recommend to be done. Vitamins, irons and proteins which can be taken from food are essential for your hair growth.

Your hair deserve a proper treatment just like any other and doing all of the above on a regular basis will result in that gorgeous, healthy hair which will turn heads and give you that good look and feel about yourself.