Hair Pro Direct’s Hair Care Tips for Men

From the growing market of hair products for men to male-specific natural hair care regimens, men’s hair is important. It always has been. But nowadays there’s a greater emphasis on men to express themselves through their styles and cuts. Because of this, regular maintenance is essential to achieving great looking, and feeling, hair.

Maintaining healthy hair is a task that requires attention to detail. Knowing your hair, upkeep techniques and which mens hair products work with it makes a real difference. Here, we’ve asked our Hair Pro Direct experts to provide us with hair care tips that every man can stake their hair on.

Wash your hair using deep-cleansing shampoo

Shampooing is a given. In order to keep your hair healthy, it has to be clean. Hair is prone to dirt build-up which can cause dullness, dryness and damage. A deep-cleansing shampoo is a high-performance remedy for this, cleansing hair through stubborn residue. If possible, purchase both the shampoo and the conditioner. The kit work in tandem, reintroducing your hair’s natural moisture, flexibility and shine.

There are some experts who swear by a vinegar rinse following the shampoo. A vinegar rinse is a simple way of restoring the pH balance of your hair. Vinegar is a condiment that most kitchens have, so why not give it a try?

Avoid washing your hair too frequently

Man Shampooing Hair

There are dozens of blogs and articles out there instructing people to wash their hair as often as every other day. In most cases, this is overkill. Washing your hair too frequently does keep your hair clean, but it also cleans away vital natural oils. Men with dry or coarse hair should limit washing their hair to as little as twice a week. Of course, greasier hair will require more washes, than dryer hair types. Figure out which hair type you have before you can decide how often you’ll need to wash it. To finish, purchase some hair products for men that can condition the hair after the wash also.

Cool it!

Whether you’re washing, blow drying, or even straightening, don’t overheat your hair. Too much heat can cause hair to become frizzy and damaged. This is why experts and stylists advise lukewarm washes and judicious use of dryers on a low heat setting. Ideally, you should allow your hair to air dry naturally before blow drying the excess away. Whilst this way may take up more time, it’s a natural hair care method that preserves the hair’s condition.

Patting dry works best

For years we’ve been instructed to dry out hair by rubbing it with a towel vigorously. The belief has been that that way works well at drying the hair quickly. In reality, it’s just bad for hair health. Rubbing the hair dry with a towel can cause breakage – especially because hair is weaker when wet.

Instead, patting dry is an equally effective method that isn’t as harsh on the hair and scalp. Stroking the hair gently in the direction it grows also works. Either way you choose, make sure to shake off the excess water before proceeding. These methods may be more time-consuming but they produce noticeable results quickly.

Pre-styling products are amazing

Man styling his hair

Buying good pre-styling hair products for men has many advantages. Pre-styling can add volume, lend general shape to your hair and helps hair products to work better. There are a range of gels, potions, serums and sprays available that prepare your hair for styling to come. Use one of the clever mens hair products to lay a foundation before finishing the style. Once you’ve begun to form your desired look using the pre-styler, complete it by adding your pomade or wax. The difference will look and feel great.

Style gently

Just like when you dry your hair, you should also style your hair gently. Again, forceful contact risks damaging the hair causing splitting and thinning. When applying mens hair products, it’s crucial that you avoid tugging or pulling too much. Use a brush to slip through kinks and knots, as well as for careful styling. The fewer catches there are in the hair, the more manageable it will be.

Go easy on the hair products, sir

It’s difficult, in a world full of hair products for men promising wonderful things, to step away sometimes. You feel as if each product will benefit you, so if you just add enough on, you’ll get enviable locks in no time. This isn’t the case though. Less is more in this instance. Piling on large amounts of hair product is a key cause of dirt build-up – and it looks unnatural.

This tip applies doubly for chemically enhanced hair products for men. Colouring, bleaching, straightening and other chemical treatments can cause irreversible damage. Where possible, go for natural hair care products. Natural hair care products are formulated without the chemicals and acids that dehydrate and break down the protective layer of the hair. But, as before, apply them sparingly.

Have regular trims

Man getting a hircut

Whether you like your hair long or short, a little snip here and there is great for hair health. Trimming off the ends can eliminate splits, leaving hair strands less susceptible to breakage. Hair that breaks less maintains its thick, shiny look. So, not only does it keep hair strands strong, it also keeps them looking visibly fresh.

Ideally, a haircut every month to six weeks works well. Naturally, the more time taken on the haircut, the neater it will be meaning healthier hair.

Healthy lifestyle means healthy hair and scalp

Your hair, as with any other part of your body, is influenced by the decisions you make in your lifestyle. Living unhealthily will have a detrimental effect on your body. All the mens hair products in the world can’t make up for bad bodily care.

Simple things such as staying active, keeping hydrated and getting adequate rest can go a long way to ensuring healthy hair. Include a healthy diet that is rich in the minerals and vitamins known to encourage hair growth. Foods such as eggs, fish and other B12 rich foods even have the capability of hair regrowth.