Hair Botox and Brazilian Keratin Treatment: What’s the difference?

You’ve probably read about Brazilian keratin treatment, and seen the mention of hair botox somewhere online. Both are still relatively new innovations in the hair and beauty industry. They are very similar in bringing reconstructive results to many hair types. Still, they do boast differences that could help you decide which works best for your lifestyle should you decide to buy. If you’re interested in trying the treatments out, we suggest consulting a qualified stylist before shelling out. But, just so you don’t go in completely wet, here’s some need-to-know information to put you on the right path.

What is it?

Though they share benefits, a Brazilian keratin treatment is not the same thing as hair botox. They both work to recover damaged hair but their makeup is fundamentally different.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

A Brazilian keratin treatment is more specifically a treatment that aims to defrizz and straighten hair. The way it achieves this is by first reinfusing and sealing in the lost keratin content within the hair. Our hair, skin and nails are all made up of keratin that depletes over time, breaking the structural bonds that make hair straight or curly. Keratin hait treatments mend and fortify these bonds, then the formaldehyde solution keeps the strengthened, straightened tresses in place.

Hair Botox

Fear not – there are no foot-long needles penetrating your pores here. Though, hair botox treatments do aim to have a comparable effect on your hair, as the popular anti-ageing treatment. However, hair botox doesn’t actually contain chemicals. Instead, it is made up of organic microspheres that regulate the hair’s absorption of vitamins and proteins. Essentially, hair botox is an uber-effective deep conditioning treatment that moisturises, smooths and defrizzes. It restores the youthfulness of hair and only takes 45 minutes to apply – hence the comparison to the high-street treatment.

Hair Suitability

Hair Botox and Brazilian Keratin Treatment - Frizzy Hair

Those who are interested in the treatments often enquire whether the treatments will work on their hair type. Hair type is important because how successful a Brazilian keratin treatment or hair botox is may depend on this. Different hair types are biologically structured differently, so knowing what to expect from a treatment aids an informed decision.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments are the go-to treatment for people who possess heavily-curly or frizzy hair. This treatment is designed to make these hair types more manageable during styling. Not only does it introduce better control, a good Brazilian keratin treatment will protect hair from enduring considerable damage again. This makes it ideal for anything from African hair to coloured or chemically-treated hair types.

However, keratin treatments are generally deemed unsuitable for finer or thinner hair types. This is because the treatment requires a flat iron to activate it. But if your hair can’t withstand 450-degrees laying directly on it, then you will cause more harm than good.

Hair Botox

Unlike Brazilian keratin treatments, hair botox doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. This makes it universally useable – even those with very fine, dry or badly damaged hair. It’s even safe to be used pregnant women or women who are nursing children.

Hair Benefits

Looking for a relatively cheap hair solution that will enable you to regain control of your unruly locks? That’s where these two come in. They are basically makeovers for your tired tresses. Because of this, you’re not just getting one or two benefits – you get the full works.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

As previously mentioned, the raison d'être of the Brazilian keratin treatment is to produce a naturally straight finish. This straighter, smoother hair becomes more manageable to tame and style without having to rely on many other products. Consequently, styling time is reduced, allowing frequent styles to be trialled despite a busy schedule.

Whilst straightening the hair, the treatment will rebuild the strength of the strands and have them looking sleeker. So, not only does the treatment improve the feel, it also improves the overall appearance of hair.

Finally, the treatment applies a protective coat over the results preventing the damage that causes frizz in humid conditions.

Hair Botox

Hair Botox has some hair straightening properties too. Though it doesn’t work as well at sustaining the results for an extended period. But where it thrives is in revitalising badly damaged hair. It’s reparative qualities mend split ends, eliminate frizz and bring a natural shine to hair.

Hair botox is good at targeting the things you don’t want in your hair without affecting the things you do like waves. This is because the treatments don’t completely straighten hair, but they do strengthen and soften it. For many of the keratin treatment’s benefits without the chemicals, this is what to go for.

Side Effects

Of course, with any hair product, there will be the possibility that they may not work with your hair in the way you envisioned. The side effects are few but it helps to know what could potentially go wrong to ensure that what you’re doing is right.


Occasionally, keratin-based products can cause the hair to become dry and brittle. Overapplication, or even incorrect application, is the quickest way for this to happen. This significantly weakens the hair leading to breakage – particularly when using a flat iron. The quicker you notice the occurrence, the quicker you can prevent and combat it.

Hair Botox

It’s been mentioned several times that this treatment is chemical free. This cannot be overstated. Frankly, you would have to use it incessantly for it to have any bad side effects.

However, like any other product that goes on your body, overuse is dangerous. The best way to find out the best application frequency for your hair is to consult a professional stylist.

Treatment Application

Hair Botox and Brazilian Keratin Treatment - Inoar Keratin Treatment

Now that you’re armed with some valuable knowledge of what the treatments do, you may want to know how to apply them. The method in which you apply these products will determine how well they perform. Whilst durations may differ between varying hair types, the actions one must take remain the same.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments are usually applied directly to the hair. Depending on the product – whether it’s a shampoo, conditioner or mask – they will either go on top of, or penetrate, the cuticles.

A flat iron is a crucial tool. Without it, the keratin will not be sealed as it requires heat to get it to work. When flat iron, the straightness achieved will be fortified and locked into place by the trace formaldehyde.

All in all, the entire application process can take up to two hours making it not the most time-sensitive process. But, if done correctly and with patience, the results can last as long as three months.

Hair Botox

In true deep conditioning style, hair botox is applied after shampooing. It is massaged into sections of detangled hair. Once in, it’s left for under an hour before being washed out thoroughly. Once blow-dried, the hair botox fills the hair with essential acids, vitamins and antioxidants that improve hair health for a month. Hair botox is a quicker, simpler alternative to keratin, though it’s best left to the pros to apply it.