9 Amazing Hair Oil Finishing Products

Hair oil is the hair and beauty product that can take hair to the next level. Just a few drops of hair oil can repair and improve the look and feel of hair quickly. Throughout the day, our hair is exposed to elements that can cause it to become dry, frizzy or damaged. Treatments like an argan oil hair treatment reinvigorate the hair by reintroducing fatty acids and vitamins the hair needs.

Whether you’re hydrating, looking for some hair definition, or trying to prevent frizz, hair oil is a must in your natural hair products arsenal.

Inoar Argan Oil

Argan oil hair treatment is become more popular by the day. Nowadays, people are searching for natural hair products that don’t counteract the other hair products we use. Inoar’s Argan Oil hair treatment fits that bill. Just a few tiny drops can enrich tresses with vitamin E, nourishing hair and protecting it when harsh chemicals are used. This is the hair oil that you apply after a good wash and conditioning for the finishing touches. The result is smooth, strong hair that doesn’t look or feel greasy.

Fushi Really Good Hair Oil

This hair oil choice smells so good, you’ll find yourself resisting the temptation to swig. We don’t advise that you do but it’s so amazingly fragrant. This is because it’s a combination of coconut, argan, almond and Indian jasmine oils mixed together. But enough about what it does to your nose. When it’s applied correctly to your hair, the Really Good hair oil treatment quickly conditions hair. After a few uses, hair is restored to its previous glory with an additional boost. Soon, you’ll notice that your hair is fuller, and strands are thicker and sleeker. If you want a hair oil that promotes growth and a cleaner, healthier scalp, then this one is Really Good (get it?).

L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil

Managing voluminous hair can be tricky. Hair can become easily entangled, and tugging and brushing can lead to dryness, splits and breakage. Luckily, one of the biggest names in hair and beauty have a strong solution. L’oreal’s Professionnel Mythic hair oil allows users to get a better grip (literally and figuratively) on their locks. It’s not often that avocado oil is fused together with grapeseed oil, but it works effectively. Both ingredients contain components that diminish the hair’s ability to frizz and twist. Used on a regular basis, this hair oil produces flowing texture in the most stubborn manes.

Trevor Sorbie Colour Enhance Oil

Specifically targeted at improving hair that has been coloured, Colour Enhance Oil is a lightweight argan oil hair treatment. The chemicals in a colouring can dehydrate and dull hair significantly. So hair needs a lift and a layer of protection to prevent further degeneration. Trevor Sorbie’s hair oil does that whilst boosting the colour in the hair. Whether you’re using it before your blow-dry, or before a shampoo, this is one of the most versatile and effective natural hair products we’ve come across.

G.Hair Universal Oil Blend

Here’s a smaller brand with a massive punch. ‘Blend’ is the operative word here. That’s because this is a hair oil that throws together no fewer than six oil-based derivatives in it: Sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, corn oil, macadamia oil, olive oil and grapeseed extract. Each adds something too, encouraging hair growth, moisturising the hair and scalp before protecting it all from further damage. All of the vital fatty acids, vitamins (including A, E, B and C) and antioxidants replenish hair whilst combating hair loss. Hair finishes tougher and bolder than ever before.

PhytoSpecific Baobab Oil Bottle

Apply as an after-wash moisturiser or as a conditioner to wet hair, the rich formula in PhytoSpecific’s hair oil is hair lubrication without the grease. As the title suggests, the Baobab Oil Bottle contains baobab oil. Baobab oil does so much including naturally cleansing hair, moisturising roots and soothing the irritation of dryness. With all its restorative properties, you’ll feel like your hair is being thoroughly cared for throughout use.

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment

Natural hair products don’t come much more natural than a hair oil that uses macadamia nuts to achieve hair improvement. The healing oil treatment gets to work fast, working deeply into strands and roots to bolster the hair. Unlike many nut-based oils, this one is super absorbent meaning no leftover clunky build-up. Hair is enriched with all the critical ingredients to recover softness, smoothness and elasticity. This is our favourite hair oil treatment for accomplishing healthy hair in an uncomplicated and understated fashion.

Phyto Huile Supreme

Controlling unruly hair has never been so achievable or accessible. Get rid of the messy tresses with the blend of extraordinary ingredients that break through volume and frizz effortlessly. Basically this is a smoother for difficult hair types. Nourishing and softening the hair allows for more controllable styling. Phyto Huile Supreme is able to do this in a way that looks out for hair fibres. So not only are you able to manoeuvre hair into whatever fashion you like,  you don’t risk the hair-damaging pitfalls of handling your hair. What a bonus!

Ony Liss Argan Oil

Yet another argan oil hair treatment. We’re beginning to sense a pattern here. But argan oil is genuinely amazing stuff. It’s the simplest natural conditioning agent available and it doesn’t cost the earth to acquire it. 2 or 3 drops make a significant difference, restoring the natural shine and strength of hair. Finding natural hair products that balance boisterous hair is difficult. Ony Liss’s hair oil goes some way getting there.