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Skin Care


At Hairprodirect, we’re skin care proud. We stock and use only the finest range of globally recognised skin care products, designed to deliver results.

Let’s face it: good, clean, healthy skin is a priceless possession! Whether you have dry, oily, troubled or more mature skin, our range of globally recognised skincare products are inspired by over a million Sorbet treatments & ten years of expert facial care – delivering the ultimate Sorbet glow that you, and your skin, deserve.

Proudly Sorbet

Hairprodirect is a proud Sorbet expert, specialising in Sorbet's skin treatments to suit young, aging and mature skin. Researched and developed by world-renowned Institutes, Sorbet gets our Hairprodirect stamp of approval for one very simple reason: It works!

Sorbet is a proudly South African skin care system that has been scientifically developed to work from the inside out. Totally effective, and totally skin friendly. Sorbet caters for all skin types, working effortlessly to improve skin energy and problem areas. And, it’s great value for money. That’s why we love it